Our COVID-19 Measures
trees filles with apple blossoms

All our apple varieties have been naturally developed to have a high level of disease resistance and immunity to problems like apple scab. They include:

Freedom: Mid season orangish red fruit ripens in late September and has a unique spicy flavour. It is great to eat and also has a good texture for apple pie making.

Goldrush: A new variety to our orchard, it's the infamous green apple we have been looking for. Ripening in October its actually not green, but yellow-bronze, with a crisp spicy taste. A great eating apple, it only gets better with storage!

Liberty: One of our most popular apples, Liberty is dark red conical shaped and ripens in mid September. Its flesh is very white and crisp and the flavour and quality are excellent. We can never grow enough of this delicious apple.

Novamac: Similar to a McIntosh but firmer textured. This popular apple ripens about the second week of September. In our view, it is the most delicious Mac you will ever taste!

Novaspy: Definitely our most popular apple, ripening in October. A variety of Red Spy, it is somewhat smaller than the Northern Spy, with a red blush on a greenish-yellow background. The fruit is excellent for both eating and processing and stores all winter at the orchard.

Priscilla: Maturing the end of September, we have only one row of this small sweet apple that is loved by many of the children who come to the orchard. Flesh is a pale creamy color with a sweet aromatic somewhat licorice-like flavour.

Pristine: Another new variety to Avalon, trees have started to bear fruit.. It is a very early ripening yellow apple that resembles Yellow Transparent in appearance, but is much firmer, less acid, and better eating. The fruit is yellow, very smooth, and attractive. It keeps well on and off the tree for several weeks. The fruit is tasty and quite firm and crisp for being so early. It ripens in August, just before Redfree.

Redfree: This is an early season deep red apple ripening in late August. It is an excellent eating apple with sweet white flesh and reminds many of our visitors of the old Snow variety. It's the tree in our orchard that wants to grow out, not up and it always gives us a challenge at pruning time.

Trent: A dark red late maturing apple which is very firm and juicy. It's flesh is cream coloured with a greenish tinge and it stores very well.

Galarina: A new addition to our orchard is Galarina and is not yet bearing fruit. 'Galarina' is a 'Gala' type apple. It is very attractive, has a pleasant taste and an excellent shelf-life. Galarina', is a progeny resulting from a cross between 'Gala' and 'Florina Querinaâ. Galarina' fruit mature at the end of September to early October and about 1 to 2 weeks after Nova Mac.

Reinette Russet: This scab free variety, developed in Quebec is another new addition to the orchard. Promising to be much like other Russets, it will ripen in mid October. The flesh is greenish-white, juicy, and the flavor is very sweet and good with russetting on the skin.