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Apples groing on trees with birdhouse

We are winding down at the orchard this week after a beautiful
Thanksgiving weekend. We will be closed from Tuesday until Friday
and reopen on the Saturday and Sunday october 16 & 17
from 10 to 4 pm. All apples in the orchard will be on sale for .99
per pound. Hope to see you here!!

October 8.2021
Thanksgiving weekend is almost here and our Spys, Trent and Russet
are now open along with our beautiful Liberty. we are open Saturday
Sunday and MOnday but our hours are reduced to 10 am to 4 pm on
Sunday and Monday. Saturday we are open until 5 pm. Come see the
beautiful fall foliage.

September 28,2021
Fall weather is certainly here and we will be heating the cider for
the weekend. We have lots of apples. The Liberty is perfect right
now and we will be opening several rows for picking this weekend.
Our spy will be ready next week for Thanksgiving weekend. We will
be open all Thanksgiving weekend including Monday for lots of
picking! hope to see you here!

Tomorrow we open our first rows of Liberty. They are crisp and
sweet and just waiting for you! Our George will be opening tomorrow
as well. George is a beautiful deep red apple with a unique
perfume and taste.You have to try it!
We also have lots of beaufiful Novamacs left for picking.

Open every daY from 10 am to 5pm

September 16,2021
What a beautiful weekend we have coming up.Lots of Novamac and
Freedom and our one row of Priscilla is ready.Liberty is still a
bit too tart but will also be ready for picking soon!Hope to see
you here.

September 9, 2021
We are opening more rows of our Beautiful Freedom and Novamac for
picking this week! They are at their peak for the next 7 days. We
also have lots of fresh cider and baked goods for the weekend. Hope
to see you here!



AUGUST 15,2021

August 1 2021
We are blessed to have a great crop of apples this year! Will be opening August 27,2021 for upick with our beautiful Redfree apples.Covid requirements will be in place to ensure your safety, while having a great time! look forward to seeing you here.

Tuesday October 13, 2020

You Pick is now closed for 2020. You can order apples, vinegar and
cider online until our stock is gone.

Monday October 13,2020
Today is our last day open for u-pick. Still lots of Liberty and
Spy in the orchard. hope to see you here!

October 7,2020
We are approacahing our last weekend open to the public for
picking. We will be open every day untlOctober 12th from 10 to 5
pm. Monday October 12 will be our last a. All remaing varieties
will be open starting on Thursday includn Novaspy, Trent , and
Goldrush. We still have lots of beautifulLberty and George and
both these varieties are also open for picig right now.Hope to
see you here!

Octobe ,2020
Liberty is now open for picking. Our spys will be open next week
and next weekend, Thanksgiving, wl be our last weekend open to
the public for picking. We will haeapples sorted and available by
the bushel by appointment after tha ate. Now is the weekend to
stock up on your cider. It can be frzn for your enjoyment over
the winter!

September 28,2020
A beautiful fall day again today. We are finishing off picking
Freedom and have opened Georeas well.George is a deep red eating
apple brought to us from Euroeby our friend George Slama. Sweet
and juicy.
We will open Liety for picking tomorrow. Probably our most
popular apple, it is ready to pc and all rows will be open for
the weekend.

Septebr 25,2020
The leaves are starting to turn here this week into their fall
colors. Liberty is still o ready for picking. Next weekend for
sure! The good news is we ae lots of beautiful Movamacs and
Freedom to pick! Hope to se ou here.

September 21,2020
What a beauty week of weather we are expecting and will be picking
Freedom and Novamac al eek. We are watching Liberty and expect it
will be reday for pickigby this coming weekend. Hope to see you

September 10,2020
The Nova Macs are open for picking today! They are crisp with a
tart edge and bouniul this year. We are also opening up more
Frreedom for pickin.Another exceptional apple!We have foinished
picking Redfree but ae lots of sorted in our cold storage for
those who love this ape. One of the best for apple sauce!!!
Hope to see you here. Open every day between 10 and 5.

August 28.2020
Our beautiful Redfree is ripe for picking!It is a sweet eating
apple like the odsnow apple. Makes a wonderful pink apple sauce
too.Hope to see yuhere at the orchard.

August 19,2020
The Pristine apples and Redfree are ready for picking and we open
Saturday monng at 10 am - 5pm for the season. Yehhh. Look forward
to seeing yo ere!Don't forget your masks as we require them on
entry and in u store.Our walking trails are groomed and fresh
cider will be edy for you. We will also have our Appple Dabble
cake and cider lshes!

August 11, 2020
Hello everyone. So excited about opening next weekend! Our
beauiul Pristine apple will be ready for picking and I expect
some efree will also be ready. The doors open at 10 am on
SaturdyAugust 22nd and we will be open daily from 10 am to 5 pm
every dyduring harvest. Please check out our procedures for upick
during Cvd on the website and check out our preorder and pickup
for thosewo arent planning to pick.
Look forwadto welcoming you again this year!

OCTOBER 7, 2019

October 1, 2019
We opened our first Libertys this weekend and our Liberty in other sections of the orchard are getting ready to pick! This weekend we will open these other sections so lots of Liberty to pick on October 4 and 5. We will also open some of our Spys that will be ready. Look forward to seeing you here!

September 26, 2019. So many wonderful people visiting our orchard this week. lots of babies. lots of school children. We are so glad to have them here!
We are still picking Macs but the Liberty will be ready to pick this weekend.We will also have some George and Priscilla open. hope to see you here!

September 18, 2019 - Guess what! The Nova Macs are almost ready for picking and we will be opening them on Friday. They are almost 2 weeks late this year. The cool wet spring delayed all the apples this year but these warm days this week have helped them ripen. Lots of Cider and honey from Innisfil Creek and our Apple dabble cake. I think this will also be a cider slush weekend!

September 10, 2019
The Redfree are almost all picked and we are starting Freedom today. Will be lots to pick this weekend! Freedom is a crisp sweet apple a bit like a Gala. Its a great eating apple and because of it:s coarse grain holds a nice slice when you bake it in a pie. This is my brothers favorite!

September 5 2019 - We are currently picking Redfree a sweet crisp eating apple. There are lots left on the trees and we hope tpo see you here. We also have our delicious apple dabble cake bake back - not to be missed!!!

August 29, 2019 - We are opening in just 2 days and getting excited! Our Redfree apple is ready for picking and it:s a delicious sweet late summer apple. Looks like a warm beautiful weekend so we will get the cider slushes ready and we are making fresh cider today! Looking forward to seeing you here!

August 11, 2019
The apples are slowly ripening and a bit late this year due to the cool wet spring which delayed blossom. We are planning to open on August 31st with our lovely Redfree apples and look for ward to seeing you over the next few months!

September 27,2018
We will be closing the orchard on September 30th for the season and there really are few if any apples left in the trees.I know that this is disappointing to our customers, We are also disappointed because we love to see you and like to enjoy Thanksgiving with fresh apples and celebration with all of you.
However Mother Nature is my boss and I can only look forward to a longer harvest season next year.
Our store will be open until Sunday and we are making fresh cider tomorrow for our customers who will want it for Thanksgiving weekend or to freeze it for the winter months. We will also have our vinegar available and all jams and relishes etc on sale.
A hg thank you all for coming this season and being understanding of the challenges we face as an organic apple orchard.

September 20, 2018
A surprise! Our Nova Spys have ripened early this year and will be ready for picking this weekend. We still have some Liberty left and Trent will also be open. We will finish our harvest season early this year and will be closing on September 30th. Just a heads up to our customers that unfortunately we will not be open for Thanksgiving weekend as there will be no apples. Come and get your cider though and freeze it for the holiday weekend.!

September 13,2018
Guess what! The Liberty apple is ready and we are opening it this weekend. We will also have George and a few Priscilla!! Hope to see you here.

September 3,2018 - With all this high temperature, the Nova Scotia Macs are now ready for picking!!!!

Friday August 31,2018
This weather is so topsy turvy and so are the apples!
Today the Redfree are finished and we begin picking our Freedom apple. Its great for pies and a crisp juicy eating apple. The ciders made for the weekend and our vinegar is going out the door quickly. It:s great to see so many of you that are part of our orchard family!

August 24th 2018
Our Pristine is already finished and we are now picking beautiful Redfree. It is a delicious eating apple and makes awesome pink applesauce. We will be picking them for the next week and then move into our Nova Mac. Fresh cider is just being made for the weekend and we look forward to seeing you here!

August 4th, 2018
The apples are coming along well and we will be opening our gates on August 18th for the season. Our beautiful Pristine apple will be ready It is a lemon yellow with a slight peach blush and a great eating apple. It also drys well. Redfree is coming along and some should also be ready. Hope to see you here!

May 14, 2018
The first pink is showing in the orchard today so blossom is still at least a week away!

May 8th, 2018.
What a beautiful spring day! The green buds are out on our apple trees and the buds are just beginning to separate. into leaf and blossom. We will be moving to pink ( thats when the first blossoms begin to emerge in a tight pink cluster) and they then open to full blossom. Full blossom is at least a week to two weeks away but it will depend on sunlight and rain. I will now post every few days to let our photographer friends make their plans. All are welcome to come and view and by the looks of the trees , there will be a lot of blossoms this year. YEh!!!!

October 17,2016
We are now closed for the season. Thanks so much to all of you for supporting our orchard. We will miss all of you and look forward to seeing you next year. May you all be blessed with health and happiness over the coming year. Grounder Day is from 11 am to 4pm on Saturday October 22. All apples in orchard are free for a gate donation to Gilda's Club Simcoe Muskoka

October 14, 2014
This weekend we are offering a closing special on our beautiful crisp Nova Macs - presorted and boxed - $50 a bushel. We will have them available at the store while they last!!! Look forward to seeing you here.

October 12,2016
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend here and it was a gift to see all our long standing customers and lots of new ones! The apple crepes went over very well and lots of apples came off the trees! We are open daily from 10 to 5pm until this Sunday and we will see if we have enough apples to stay open for another week. ( Our per pound price is now $1.75)Grounder day is set for October 22 - 11 am to 4 pm with a gate donation to Gilda's Club Simcoe Muskoka

October 9,2016
Thanksgiving weekend is here! We have lots of Liberty George and Spy. Wagon rides from 12 -4 weather permitting, apple crepes and cider slushes! The sky is opening and it looks like a beautiful day. We are open from 10am to5pm Saturday and Sunday and from 10 am to 4pm on Monday.We are looking forward to see you here.

September 28, 2016
We have just opened our Liberty apples! There are lots so I am sure there will be lots still left for the weekend. We also have George, and some Macs and Freedom left.Making fresh cider on Friday for the weekend. Hope to see you here. We plan to be open daily until October 16th .Our hours are 10 am to 5pm with the exception of Thanksgiving monday when we will close early at 4 pm to enjoy family and turkey!!!

Sept.23, 2016. Fall has arrived and we have lots of wonderful apples. Nova Scotia Macs and Freedom are perfect right now. And we have one row of our little Priscilla. We are also opening up George this weekend which is a beautiful deep red apple - sweet and crisp. The cider is just off the press and ready for the weekend.
Liberty will be opening in about 5 days for all our Liberty fans.Hope to see you here!

September 16, 2016
The last of the Redfree apples will be picked this weekend. And we are picking Freedom and Nova Mac. Both are bountiful aand waiting for you to pick them! Fresh cider is just being made. May be a bit of rain late Saturday so come earlier in the day but we are open rain or Shine.

September 9,2016
The weather has cooled down and is cooperating for apple picking. We have some Beautiful Redree left and are opening some of our Nova Macs for those who like them tart. Lots of Freedom are now open as well So you can take your pick! Look forward to seeing you here!

September 2, 2016
What a beautiful weekend for apple picking coming up! Our Redfree apple is bountiful on the trees right now and the fresh cider is just being made for the weekend. Freedom apple is also coming ripe and we may open some rows this weekend. Hope to see you here!

August 26, 2016
We are open for the season today! Our first fresh pressed apple cider from Pristine apples and Redfree apples are ready for picking. Hours are 10 am to 5pm daily every day until the end of harvest. Hope to see you here!

August 16,2016
Oh the welcome rain!The apples love it.We have lots this year but with the warm dry weather they are a little lazy ripening.Many customers have already contacted us about Redfree, one of our first early apples. This variety is an outstanding eating and saucing apple, making lovely pink sauce.
We are in the process of getting ready to open and will be officially open for picking daily Friday August 26th. Hours are from 10 am to 5pm daily. We look forward to seeing you here!

Thanksgiving weekend is over and the orchard is now closed for the season. I would like to deeply thank all our customers vendors and supporters for a good year and we look forward to seeing you again ( with a great crop!) next year.
Our cider will be at the Brick works and with Mama Earth Organics for a month or two. Make sure you get some to freeze for the holiday season!
Be well and thank you again.

October 5th Well this weekend we were nearly picked out! Everyone wanted the Spy and Liberty and from the looks of the trees, they got them. With so little left in the orchard we are only going to be open Saturday and Sunday this weekend. Closed for the season Sunday night. all apples left in the orchard will be a dollar a pound,( it will be a treasure hunt!) and we will have lots of fresh cider for you . we will also have hot cider and those wonderful homemade donuts and wagon rides from 12 -4. Thanks to all for a great season.

October 1,2015
First day of October already. We will be picking Liberty this weekend and open some of the Spy as well. Lots of beautiful Liberty Left.Thanksgiving weekend we will be open Saturday and Sunday to 5pm and Monday to 4 pm. Free wagon rides from noon to 4pm Thanks giving weekend!

sept 25,2015
oh I'm late this week! A beautiful weekend coming up and the Liberty are ready for picking. Just delicious and crunchy right now. We have opened the little trees and the big ones will follow shortly.Still lots of Freedom in the trees too.
Our cider slush will be on and we are looking forward to seeing you!

Sept. 17th
The Macs will be finished by the end of this weekend but lots of Freedom coming ripe! Priscilla will be here too. Next weekend I think our awesome Liberty will be ready. a very bountiful crop this year.Our new cider slushes have had rave reviews and we will be making fresh cider tomorrow. Hope to see you here.

September 9, 2015
Lots of brave pickers were out in the orchard this weekend. We have started picking Nova Macs and some Freedom and have lots coming ready for the weekend. On Saturday we are hosting a family festival for #mysistersplace Lots of fun things to do - wagon rides, tattooing and a discount on apples to support a good cause.lots of #dickeybee honey and #organicapples hope to see you here!

September 1, 2015
We are open daily from 10am to 5pm starting September 5th and the Nova Scotia Macintosh will be ready for picking . They will be crisp and delicious and some of our Freedom will also be available. We will have fresh unpasteurized cider and a new treat this year - pure cider slushes. great on a warm day after hard work picking!Get out early as our crop is lighter than last year and the apples will go quickly!
Hope to see you here.

August 19th 2015
The apples are coming along well and this heat has accelerated the ripening of our early apples. Our official opening is September 5th but we will be open Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 5 August 22/23 AND 29/30 FOR THOSE CUSTOMERS WHO LOVE OUR REDFREE APPLE AND WANT TO PICK THEM!

October 6th,2014
We are approaching Thanksgiving weekend and will be open Saturday nd Sunday until 5 pm and closing Monday at 4 pm for the season. homemade donuts and hot cider. I hear there's also some popcorn
We will not be having a grounder day this year due to work that has
tob done in the orchard at closing.

September 25 2014
What gorgeous days this week and the trees are staring to turn
beautiful colours, We are picking Nova Mac and Freedom. We alsobr>have some Priscilla and George. Our beautiful Liberty will open this weekend. They go fast so if you want them I suggest you come b>this weekend or eraly next week. After Liberty, in October, we have

September 13.2014
A bit late this week with the wind and rain. We are currently picking Nova Macintosh and it is beautiful and juicy right now. Great crunch to it! Hope to see you here - our fresh cider has just gone on the shelf.

September 13,2014
I'm a bit late this week - with the wind and rain we have been picking Macs before they blow on the ground. Today is a rainy day here but Sunday is supposed to be beautiful and the Macintosh is at it's prime - crisp and juicy.Lots of fresh cider . Hope to see you here!

September 5,2014
What a warm day today. We are almost finished our Redfree apple and are opening all our rows of Nova macs for the weekend!Just made fresh cider with our Redfree apple and had our apple cakes arrive!Hope we see you here.

August 31,2014
Well the orchard opened yesterday for the season! We had our usual hiccups - the cash register didn't work,the moneris paper was in upside down and didn't print but overall it was a good day and many of our regular customers showed up to start the season. And get their first taste of fresh cider for the year. We are picking Redfree this week and have opened up a few of our Mac rows for those who like them really tart. I checked and we opened August 17th last year so our season is 2 weeks late - cool weather slowed the growing down.
Hope to see you here. Gaye

August 7,2014
Well we are very busy this week cutting the grass and getting ready to open the orchard! Our opening day will be August 30th and we will be open daily from 10 am to 5pm every day until the end of the season.Next week we will start arranging for other organic produce and other supplies for our store. Getting excited!!!

July 30, 2014
Our apples are coming along and we have a great crop this year.We need some warm weather now to bring them to ripening!
We've been very busy this summer lowering the height of our trees to make them more accessible for picking. What a great job our staff has done. You will really notice a difference if you have been here before!
I will begin posting regularly now as the apples ripen and hope to see you during harvest season.